Indulge in Some Aromatherapy

Bring the spa home with scented candles

There are few things better than lighting your favorite candle after a long day. You can relax and unwind when you're enjoying your favorite scent. Fresh offers a wide selection of scented candles. Do you want your home to smell like fresh-baked cookies? Maybe you prefer aromas from the garden or musky wood scents. You'll find the scents that make you feel at home at our boutique.

Sample our collection of scents at Fresh today.

Choose from well-loved candle brands

Choose from well-loved candle brands

Not all candles are the same. You want options that smell great and last longer. Buying products from top-quality brands can make all the difference. Our top brands include:

  • Milkhouse Candle Co.
  • Rosy Rings
  • Raine and Humble
  • Mixture

Our candles are made with care by trusted companies. Take a look at our current selection today.